adesivo utilizzato negli anni 2002 e precedentiBENVENUTI                   Questa è la voce  ufficiale  del  “CLUB INTERNAZIONALE BARBA E BAFFI” fondato nel 1965 dai F.lli Locatelli a Carvico  (Bergamo Italia) e pubblicizzato con il tondino. Vediamo sotto (clicca e amplia) molti soci durante il pranzo sociale del  3 dicembre 2017 alla trattoria “da SILVIO” a BREMBATE SOPRA BG.                                  E’ visibile molto bene sui telefonini.

1.2 Last updated 2017-12-10 with visitor statistics: (from November 2015 to now: we have received 8349 visits from various parts of the world: an average of over 20 visits a day and a peak of 134 visits in the day 2017- 06-19

1.3 The members of this Club, led by the President2012-F-P-007 Mr. Bruno  Panza, clad in elegant costumes, for 50 years, are called in Italy and in other countries, on television, in public events and international competitions where they have won multiple races with the awarding of hundreds of cups, received many consents, exalting in the beards and mustaches the honor of the chin and cheeks.

1.4 The distribution of the hair is an element of differentiation of the faces which by bone structure are otherwise very similar. In fact, even in the same family or in a closed ethnic group, sometimes different personalities are highlighted between fathers, sons and brothers with different hairiness by length, inclination, thickness, type (Ulotrichi: flat section curls, typical, but not exclusive of African ethnicities, Lissotrichi: smooth round section, typical of Mongolian ethnic groups, Cimotrichi: undulated oval section, typical of the Caucasian ethnic group (us)) and color due to melanin. Differentiation is an instrument of evolution and culture

 1.5 We have sown well and in recent years Barbe and Baffi, MAYBE ALSO FOR OUR MERIT, ARE ALWAYS ADOPTED MORE IN ALL AGES AND SOCIAL CATEGORIES, also with new types of beards that we will promote, FOR EXAMPLE WITH short cured and carved hairstyles or carved.              
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1.6 Even the children were happy at Christmas to receive big mustaches. After a few months that a person leaves his beard and mustache to grow, the hair becomes soft and apprec20151224_215949 - Copiaiated by “WOMEN MORE IN LEG”. Many types of skin suffer damage due to the repeated use of razors and redden for various problems. In the parades during the holidays and in everyday life, not only the voluminous beards and mustaches are appreciated, but also the special ones for color form or care. In the many national or international competitions of beards and mustaches, the costumes related to the various internationally recognized categories are free (free, natural, elaborated to represent ethnic groups or different characters: King, Garibaldi, Verdi, Dali, etc.) as mentioned in other appropriate items.

l'onor del mento e l'onor delle guance